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PostPosted: Sun Aug 28, 2005 5:42 pm    Post subject: Creating a character market Reply with quote

If all aspects of character creation were based on a point-buy system, including gold and equipment, then all characters who died could be evaluated as a certain number of points. Some of the benefits of this are listed as follows:

1) The "inheritance" permadeath option would actually make sense regardless of how the designers want to implement permadeath. It's just a matter of increasing or reducing the number of points allowed to transfer between characters -- 0% for true permadeath, 100% for a mild inconvenience, or any amount in between for controlled sinks on the mud's economy. I would recommend deducting at least the number of points received by newbie characters so that you don't have to worry about dubious newbie-to-vet transactions within the game (but to each their own).

As a sidenote, as long as you don't throw the word "inheritance" around, players won't feel they must play their next character as the child of their previous character. It's far more likely that their new character inherited or earned their starting status from another source entirely.

2) A character market could be implemented. Essentially this would be an auction house for pre-made characters, to include any static descriptions, biographies, journals, etc. Buying a character would allow the option to play it or to improve upon it and resell (without having played it, of course). Specialty characters (such as limited races or roles) could be placed here with high starting price to ensure they are bought only by experienced and committed players.

3) The monetary nature of the point buy system would enable analysis of the perceived worth or cost of many in-game and meta-game factors. Prices of individual items could be dynamically modified in the character creation system. What are players willing to give up in to get something else when everything is equally available to them? What does starting hometown x need to make it economically viable, given its current value? How does RL time of day affect the perceived value of in-game factors?

4) Small sets of trustworthy muds could allow new characters to "inherit" from characters on one of the other muds. One need only be open about the cost of exchanging points from one point-buy system to the other. Implemented right, this could help stabilize the economies of each of those muds, and allow them to have friendly competition without losing players to muds outside of their circle.
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2005 2:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

A very interesting concept. While some would dismiss it out of hand, it's pretty standard in pen & paper RPGs.

I like the idea of "starting in town A (newbie area) with 5 skills costs 50 points, but starting in City B (mid-level zone) with 10 skills and 10 levels costs 100 points". Points could be earned by other characters as they play the game to allow them to "jump-start" alternates and bypass the newbie zones. Alternatly, points could be earned by "hardcore" permadeath players (or by all players, as you see fit) and could buy special races, classes, skills, etc. that are not available to the standard character.
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