Mini-games based on card games
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martin wrote:
One idea for another card game as an inspiration - Schafkopf (I think it's similiar to skat, but I've never played that)

I played a few games of Schafkopf some years ago. It's quite a fun game, but the problem is you need four players and there are two teams - I'd rather have something that can be played by any number of players.

I did actually go ahead and implement the poker-based wargame I mentioned in my previous post, and it worked out really well. I ended up adding three different factions (human, undead and goblinoid) each with their own sets of actions for each suit, and with various special troops that can be recruited throughout each game. I also created computer opponents, based on a followup entry to the MudMagic competition.

martin wrote:
Last, how about some solitaire variant? Solitaire could simulate lockpicking - while sifting through the deck, the player slowly builds a mental picture of the task at hand. Or any other solo-activity there's so many vriants about.

I do actually use a puzzle system for lockpicking already - but it's one where you can make mistakes (thus allowing me to have trapped locks). Your suggestion of using Solitaire for training or research sounds like it would fit better IMO, but I think it would be best to use it for optional things (as some players really don't want to play Solitaire) and to make sure it's not overused (playing hundreds of games of Solitaire to get your skills up would soon turn into a chore).
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