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PostPosted: Sat Aug 12, 2006 2:00 am    Post subject: Game and Website Integration Reply with quote

On the mud I help with, we often try to integrate data from the game onto our website. We have things like Top 20 players, a live who list, and a map of the world showing player locations in near real time. This is not a unique concept (though I happen to think we do it better than most). Has anyone written the opposite, in the form of bringing web content into the game?

I believe it is a much more viable option in recent years with the broad adoption of RSS and ATOM by many website platforms and blog hosting sites. It appears to me it is a matter of allowing players to manage their subscriptions in the game and then manifesting them appropriately in order to make it worthwhile not to alt-tab to the browser.

This may erode the immersive experience often intended by implementers; regardless many people often peruse websites while playing. It also depends on the content subscriptions as well, since it very well could be highly relevant game content being posted on the web.

Examples of content that might add to immersion could be run by game administrators or players alike. Administrators may have roleplaying blogs, players may post battle logs on the web, or site may be devoted to equipment swapping.

Technically it seems like there is RSS and ATOM reader code readily available, but implementing in a way that enhances the game experience and also doesn't affect gameplay performance is something that I'd be interested in hearing thoughts on. For example, should the list of subscriptions be moderated? In the extreme, should the web content affect game play in some small ways?
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 12, 2006 6:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

many people often peruse websites while playing.

It's the other way around too - quite often you can access websites, even when you are blocked from telnet access by a firewall. I remember being a lot more active on discussionboards in the past, because that was something I could do during slow periods of work, whereas mudding was blocked.

WHO'S ON LINE and discussionboards or blogs open to players are probably the most common things.and many muds have them. These boards can be pretty active at time, and it seems even players that are currently inactive in the game, because of a firewall in college or Uni, use them as a way to stay in contact with the Mud. In the extension this will make it more likely that they will eventually return to the Mud.

On a side note, one thing that we have in my Mud, and which is really useful, is that BUG and TYPO reports also are being displayed on the website. Obviously this is on a locked page that is only open to Admin, since public Bug reports would be very likely to be abused. But for those Admin that don't have shell access, but still deal with typos/bugs, it is a lot easier to deal with these reports than calling on a backlog from the game, and they also can be edited and 'ticked off' to show other Admin that they have been fixed.
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