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PostPosted: Mon Oct 15, 2007 6:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

KaVir wrote:
Unless you get to play your own heir as your next character...

One idea I had for that (for another kind of game... one where everybody dies all the time, even of old age, but all of the stat points carry over to the next char, even to a descendant, and using sort of templates to quick-clone you... and probably with a separate user name for "buddy lists") is that you can decide one or two items that are "family heirlooms" of some sort. Either you get them automatically, or even if they're looted, you'll end up finding a quest to retrieve it or if another player obtains it, he'll be sort of nagged to return it for a reward or something. Depending on the setting or the server options or whatever.

So you can have lots of generic bronze armor items, for cheap even, but only one mega-magic helmet or legendary sword.
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 26, 2007 6:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

KaVir wrote:
quixadhal wrote:
An interesting way to handle perma-death would be to make it the default option if no other alternative is available or desireable. By that, I mean simply that if a naked character with no charms cast upon them wanders out and dies, and nobody else is online to help them, their death is permenant.

The problem with that is that it'll generally be the weaker players who suffer permadeath, while the powerful elite maintain their dominance forever. This negates many of the advantages of permadeath (such as recycling the positions of power as former leaders die and get replaced).

Forever is a long time. Smile

You'd want to make the cost of maintaining yourself a diminishing return as various game factors creep up on them. Age is one thing that is pretty hard to keep at bay for any mortal characters. Sure, a few potions or spells might keep you young for an extra 20 years, but that cost has to keep rising as you push further out from your appointed time.

Vampires might start requiring more blood, or more exotic blood. Orcs may have to have shamen sacrifice more and more powerful creatures, granting them less time every time they do so. Even the snooty elves, who Tolkien says can't die of old age, will find their powers diminishing and their abilities flattening out until they simply choose to re-incarnate to avoid becoming beige.

I'm not advocating making perma-death always avoidable, just that IMHO it's a nice thing to let the player have some control over which death will be their last. It avoids the frustration most of us feel when our level 83 amazon dies to a bug or our connection dying in the middle of a fight, but still makes death something painful and to be avoided.

Yes, weaker players WILL die (permenantly) more often than stronger ones... but why is that a bad thing? Every game I've played with perma-death, I've always remembered whatever the circumstances were that led to my demise, and never died to the same thing twice. Thus, I improved as a player, and became more likely to challenge (or simply replace) the established elite.
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