Karma for Social Control (punishment)
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 02, 2005 11:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

You're getting back to 'excusing the system' scenario that Cornelius was talking about, and it's a bad idea for all the reasons he stated - and I'm sure, more.

Under this criterion I'm not sure what I can say... isn't any proposal for amending the karma idea in the first post necessarily bad?

When I use the term 'excusing the system' I differentiate between a 'feature' and an 'excuse' and admitedly I do this rather a priori but there is some sense in it- a feature generally adds something to the concept while an excuse is done solely for the sake of removing an 'unwanted feature' (read: bug) that is inherent in a flawed concept. I have a rather naively optimistic view of the world where for every idea there is a system that performs it perfectly without unwanted side effects- the job of a good designer is to develop such a system.

For the example in question artificially restricting the ability for players to affect the karma of others in order to evade possible abuse may be construed as an excuse. It does nothing to add to the system it is just there to excuse the flaw. If however, you remove this capability altogether and institute some other hypothetical ideal method for modifying karma that was inherently unabuseable you would be amending the karma idea with a feature. My biggest problem with this system is I can't really see any way to allow the concept to be player interactive and be unabusable or near enough to unabusable such that the exceptions dont become the rule.
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